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What should I do if the liquefied gas tank encounters problems?


We often use liquefied gas tanks in our daily lives. Today, the editor of Tianjin Renhe Dingsheng Liquefied Gas Cylinder Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will tell you a few ways that liquefied gas tanks encounter problems.

What should I do if I encounter a leak from a liquefied gas tank?

1. If you smell a leak of liquefied petroleum gas, immediately cut off the gas source and close the upstream valve of the pipeline and the angle valve of the steel cylinder.

2. Immediately open doors and windows for ventilation.

3. Check the leakage point with soap and water. If the leakage point is found, cover it with a wet towel.

4. A large amount of gas leaks and the valve cannot be closed. You can dial 119 only if you are far away.

What should I do if the liquefied gas tank catches fire?

When a fire occurs in a liquefied petroleum gas tank at home, immediately open the doors and windows for ventilation, and evacuate the people in the house in time. It is necessary to cut off the power in time, do not immediately close the valve or use cold water to extinguish it, so as not to cause an explosion. In a safe place, you should call 119 as soon as possible, and wait for the firefighters to arrive, and then evenly cool the gas tank before extinguishing the fire. Never pour a burning gas tank on the ground. The use of electric appliances, lighters, matches and other fire sources is strictly prohibited in the leaked place.